Sunsweet Dates, Pitted

Rich and sweet. Dates are deliciously fat free. Good source of fiber. No added sweeteners. Deglet noor. Sunsweet Deglet Noor dates are full of rich flavor; who would have thought these plump moist morsels are from the desert? They get their lusciousness from the majestic palm trees where we hand-pick each delicious fruit - pure desert decadence! Sunsweet pitted dates variety is the spite of life and these guys do it all - add dates to your meat and poultry dushes, grains and salads, baked goods, or enjoy as a yummy everyday snack. For recipes and more great ways to enjoy sunsweet pitted dates visit us online. For questions or comments, call: 1-800-417-2253, 9am - 6pm, Mon-Fri. Product of USA, Algeria & Tunisia.