Established 1834. Original beer recipes from the recipe book compiled by Sleeman family 1834-1933. What's this old leather-bound book? I asked. A family secret hidden since 1933! said Aunt Florian. What secret? I blurted out. And why are you telling me now in 1984? Because I know that you are in the imported beer business. And it's time that you learned about your heritage. Amazed, I urged her to continue. Your great-great-grandfather John H. Sleeman come to Canada from England and opened his first brewery in southern Ontario in 1834. She told me about Sleeman successes, gold medals and a tradition of community involvement. The family sponsored a world champion baseball team, held key political positions and built a railway. Then in 1933, although smuggling was common among Canadian breweries, someone in our family was caught smuggling beer to Al Capone during Prohibition in the USA. We were fined and not allowed to make beer in Canada for 50 years. What you're holding, she concluded are the original Sleeman family beer recipes, some dating back to the early 1800's in England! John, after fifty years the time has come for you to rekindle the family flame. Product of Canada. Alc/Vol. 5.0%.