The Little Potato Company Potatoes, Terrific Trio

A highly attractive and delicious combination of three of our best red, yellow, and blue potato varieties - the terrific trio. Each variety in the bag offers a unique, harmonious taste experience that is sure to provide plate appeal. No. 1 Grade (3/4 in. - 1 5/8 in.). Fat, gluten, and cholesterol free. Good source of potassium. Fresh: straight from the farm. Easy: pre-washed; thin skinned; no peeling required. Nutritious. The virtues of being small. The Little Potato Company is focused solely on carefully selecting and growing little potatoes that have outstanding flavors, great texture, and better nutrition. It's all we do. And we harvest our unique, proprietary potato varieties when they're mature and at their best. You can taste the difference! A message from Angela: as a mother and businesswoman, I am pleased to bring these little potatoes to you. My father, a Dutch immigrant, introduced me to the flavorful little potatoes he grew up with. Together, we planted our first acre in 1996, sorting, washing, and bagging our first crop by hand. We remain dedicated to bringing back the original, diverse goodness of little potatoes. Our potatoes will have you proclaiming the virtues of being small! Angela, co-founder and chief potato champion. For recipe ideas Product of Canada. Product of USA.