Per Serving: 190 calories; 8 g protein (16% DV); 4 g fiber (16% DV). American farmer select. Welcome to the next generation of seeds! By selecting our premium line, you've become a pioneer of taste. Our roast master spent years refining the meticulous process of slow roasting your seeds to perfection. Our craft process delivers a batch of our finest select seeds, defined by their salty kick, and sweet finish. When combined with reduced sodium, Kettle Roast becomes the revolutionary new snack serious seeders want. Simply put - your bag of Kettle Roast cannot be matched. Thank you for joining the seed evolution - thank you for choosing Giants. - Jay Schuler, Founder, Giant Snacks. Roasted with less salt (35% less sodium than Giants Standard Original). Goodbye tender mouth! Easy pour spout. Satisfaction guaranteed. www.giantsnacks.com. Facebook. Twitter. Please email us your comments: comments(at)giantsnacks.com. Resealable. Easy pour spout. Made in America.