Creme Savers Hard Candy, Chocolate & Caramel Creme, Sugar Free

0g Sugar Carbs. Individually wrapped. Sugar Free Creme Savers are an irresistible, smooth blend of great flavors and luscious real cream. Each individual wrapped piece melts slowly in you mouth to provide great tasting, long lasting satisfaction - you won't believe that they're sugar free! Carbohydrate Facts: Total Carbs 13g (-) Sugar Alcohol 13g (=) Carb Count 0g. (For those counting carbs to help control their blood sugar level, the 13 grams of carbohydrates in this product come from sugar alcohol, which has a minimal impact on blood sugar. Be sure to count calories too.) 25% Fewer calories than regular Creme Savers Hard Candy. Contains 45 calories per serving compared to 60 calories per serving of regular Creme Savers Hard Candy.