Dakota Style® Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels 8 oz. Peg

Healthy 4 you. Sprinkle or snack - it's all in the pack! Gluten free. No cholesterol. No trans fats. Great source of cancer fighting selenium. Zero cholesterol. Zero trans fat. Antioxidant rich. Calm your nerves. Help your skin glow with vitamin E. Full of magnesium to calm. Contains bone healthy mineral copper. Resealable! Whether you snack on just the seeds or you sprinkle them on your salad or favorite dish, your body and mind will thank you! Sunflower Seeds are: gluten free; 0% cholesterol; 0% trans fat; Antioxidant rich. Source of: selenium (cancer fighting); copper (keeps bones healthy); magnesium (calms your nerves); vitamin E (makes your skin glow). Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. www.dakotastyle.com. (605) 532-5271; (800) 446-2779. Grown & packaged in America.