Dare Crackers, Whole Grain

Baked with 10 whole grains & seeds. Including poppy and black sesame. Made better. Real whole grain taste you can see and feel! Baked with 10 whole grains and seeds like rye, barley, oats, brown rice, poppy and black sesame seeds. These nutritious crackers contain 0 g trans fat and are also low in saturated fat. Grainsfirst whole grain crackers are an easy and delicious way to enjoy the goodness of whole grains. Harvest the benefits of whole grains today! What are whole grains? Whole grains contain all 3 parts of the grain: the bran, endosperm and the germ - for maximum nutrition. Whole grains provide naturally occurring nutrients and all the essential parts of the entire grain seed which are vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies. How to Find Whole Grains: Look for products that state whole grains on the ingredient list; Whole grains and seeds are the No. 1 ingredient in grainfirst whole grain crackers. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming at least 6 one-ounce servings of grain products per day with at least 3 of those servings coming from whole grains. Each serving of grainfirst (18 g or 4 crackers) provides about 6 g whole grains and about 8 g whole grains and seeds. 0 g trans fat per serving. Low in saturated fat. For over 120 years our family-owned business has held itself to a higher standard. We are committed to giving you the products you want and to using the very best ingredients to make them. Because to our family, Made Better isn't just a claim, it's our promise. Baked with 10 whole grains and seeds. 0 g trans fat. Low in saturated fat. Questions or comments? 1-800-668-3273. darefoods.com. Product of USA.