Keebler Cookies, Peanut Butter Dreams

Keebler Jif Fudge, Peanut Butter & Crunchy Nuts Cookies. New! Made with Jif peanut butter. We don't fudge on our fudge. When fudge is rich and creamy, and made with only 100% real cocoa, no matter where it goes, it's wonderfully delicious. So that's exactly what we Elves use. Then we add a little of our magic to bake up oh-so-many delightful and different kinds of fudge cookies. We love our fudge. Oh, how it can please. Ernie Keebler. Come see uncommonly Good things at Multi-layer. Wrapper. Check locally*. Plastic tray. *Not recycled in all communities. Please share your feedback on this new product! Questions or comments Visit: Call: 1-877-453-5837. Provide production code on package. , , 2015 Kellogg NA Co. Jif is a trademark of The J.M. Smucker Company, used under license.