Blue Chomp 'n Chew Treats for Dogs, Meaty Chews, Small/Medium

15-50 lbs. Love them like family. Treat them like family. No poultry by-product meal, BHA, red 40. Superior nutrition. Ultimate protection. Lip-smackin'. Tail-waggin; long-lasting chews. Our boy Blue was the greatest dog to ever put on a collar. He was also one of the greatest chewers of all time. Shoes, balls, pillows, branches, you name it, Blue would chew it. So, it got us thinking. What if we could come up with a fun. Durable bone that dogs would love to chomp and chew on? That's what inspired us to create Blue Chomp 'n Chew, with its irresistible meaty middle that's filled with delicious chicken. And unlike some of those other dog chews out there, ours doesn't hove things like poultry by-product meal, BHA or Red 40. So when you wont to keep your dog busy. give 'em a Blue Chomp 'n Chew - and rove your shoe! The Bishop Family: made with only the good stuff; tougher than 10 shoes for long-lasting fun! Dig this - tasty, chicken-filled middle! Calorie Content (ME Calculated): 2,850 Kcals/kg. One Small/Medium Chomp 'n Chew = 285 Kcals. Join the Blue family at: Call us at: 1.800.919.2833.