Energizer Recharge Pro AA/AAA Charger

UPN-134520. UPN-134468. Helps to maximize battery performance. Ensures a full charge. Indicates charging stages. 1 charger; 4AA NiMH batteries. That's positivenergy. 3 hrs. Charges 2 or 4 NiMH AAs or AAAs. Fold-out plug. LED charge status indicator. Limited lifetime warranty (see manual for details). Charges any NiMH AA or AAA battery. Energizer NiMH batteries recommended. World's No. 1 rechargeable brand (based on scan sales). For more information: energizer.com/chargers. Premium safety features included. Bad battery detection. Safety auto shut-off. Charges 4 batteries in 3 hours. Pats. Pend. See enclosed insert for warnings, safety and operating instructions. BC. Recycle: 1.800.822.8837. ETL Intertek listed. Energizer: Lifetime. See inside for details. www.energizer.com. www.energizer.ca. Charger: Made in China. Batteries: Made in Japan.