Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion Aloe

Gold Bond® Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion Aloe. Bonus 20% More. Packed with 7 moisturizers +3 vitamins to reveal nourished, healed, healthy-looking skin. Heals & nourishes dry, problem skin. Penetrates fast. Non-greasy. Hypoallergenic. Fresh clean scent. 7 Intensive moisturizers vitamins A, C & E. Net wt 16.8 oz (476g). Healing with aloe to heal dry, problem skin. As the lotion is applied to dry, problem skin it adds a protective layer of moisture. Positive ions keep moisture attached to the skin, so you can feel it working even after you wash your hands. Unique blend of Hydralast® emollients and humectants draws moisture throughout the day, for 24 hour moisturization. For skin that looks & feels noticeably healthier. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Chattem®. Exclusive formula. The makers of Gold Bone do not manufacture private label brands. A Sanofi Company. ©2015 Chattem, Inc.