Lumineux Toothpaste, Whitening

Medically developed toothpaste. Oral perfection. Whitens without sensitivity (Reported with peroxide whiteners). Enamel safe. Certified non-toxic. Great Tasting with Superior Quality Ingredients: Lumineux Whitening Toothpaste is designed to whiten teeth without sensitivity (Reported with peroxide whiteners) in as little as 2 weeks (Results may vary). Lumineux patented whitening products are clinically proven to whiten teeth as well as the leading brands, without peroxide! Dentist Formulated products. Delivering visible long-term oral health benefits without potentially harmful chemicals! Oral Perfection: Dentist Formulated for: no peroxide; no artificial flavors; no artificial colors/dyes; no alcohol; no SLS; non-toxic; sensitive teeth; gum recession; coffee stains; tea stains; wine stains; tartar control. Enamel friendly. Promotes tooth & gum health. No harmful abrasives. Protects: rapid; safe; effective. VegeCert: Certified Vegan. Clinically proven. Remineralizing sea salt. Follow Us: (at)oral_essentials. Made in USA.