Colgate Zero Mouthwash, Antigingivitis/Antiplaque, Natural Cool Peppermint

Other Information: This rinse is not intended to replace brushing on flossing. Store at 59 degrees F to 77 degrees F. Keep from freezing. Misc: A gluten free product. Vegan. 0% alcohol. 0% dyes. 0% artificial flavors. Kills 99% of germs. Fresh breath. New. A clean choice for a clean mouth. Every ingredient serves a clear purpose. Does not contain ethanol. Cap sealed with printed band. In some cases, antimicrobial rinses may cause surface staining to teeth. This is not permanent or harmful, and may be prevented by adequate brushing or removed at your next dental visit. Find out more on Save Water: Turn off the tap while brushing. SmartLabel: App enabled. Scan for more information.