Monistat Complete Care Vaginal Health Test

Diagnosis + bonus itch relief. New! It might not be a yeast infection. Test before you treat. Clinically tested. One swab tests for 2 factors that indicate that you may have a vaginal infection that is not caused by yeast. Helps you determine whether you need to see a doctor. One step, highly accurate test provides easy to read results. Bonus: Monistat Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream. $4 Monistat coupon inside! Easy to Read Color-Change Results: Abnormal Acidity Detected: If any part of the tip is stained blue or green, your vaginal acidity is abnormal. See your healthcare provider. Normal Acidity Detected: If entire tip remains white, your vaginal acidity is normal. You may have a yeast infection. If the test indicates that your discharge has normal acidity and you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, you may have a yeast infection. Don't forget to use the $4 off Monistat coupon to save on the No. 1 doctor recommended OTC treatment! Contents: 2 test swabs, 0.32 oz (9 grams) of Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream (1% hydrocortisone), instructions, Monistat coupons. Why test before you treat? Not all vaginal symptoms are yeast infections; Test if you are unsure - Use this test if you have any of the following symptoms: unpleasant odor; abnormal or excessive discharge; vaginal itching or burning. Complete Care Vaginal Health Test is a one-step easy to read color changing test. By testing for factors not usually associated with a yeast infection; this kit may help determine if your symptoms are caused by an infection that may require treatment by a healthcare professional. The kit also includes Complete Care Instant Itch Relief Cream so you can get relief even before you treat the infection. Plus a $4 off coupon for Monistat, the No. 1 Doctor recommended brand for yeast infections. Questions? Call us toll-free at 877-666-4782 or visit our website at Made in Israel. Packaged in the USA.