RJ Rabbit Egg Coloring Kit

Contains: 5 dye tablets total net wt 0.08 oz (2.26 g), 5 liquid dyes total net 0.33 fl oz (9.7 ml), 3 textured pads, 2 egg dippers, 5 cups, crayon, 3 bands, brush, 6 sponges, color pallet, 6 egg stands, clip, 36 stickers. Loaded with egg coloring fun! 8 kits in 1. Plus 5 bonus coloring cups. Family fun! 8 egg coloring styles - in one kit! Plus - 5 coloring cups to make clean up easy! 1. Stickers! 30 peel & stick stickers! 2. Glitter stickers! Just peel 'em & stick 'em! 3. Speckling! Simply dab on the color! 4. Magic crayon! Write a secret message and color the egg! 5. Roll-on! Just roll an egg on the coloring mat! 6. Banding! Use one or more bands to make cool effects. 7. Flecking! Color the egg & fleck on the color! 8. Traditional! It wouldn't be an egg decorating kit without it! This product is for one time use only. Coloring tablets and liquid egg dye made in USA. Textured pad, egg dippers, stickers, sponges, bands, flecking brush, cups, wax crayon, sponge clip, egg stands and coloring pallet made in China. Packaged in China.