Farmers Market Soap, Lemongrass Basil

Made with organic avocado, blueberry & shea butters. Enriched with farm-fresh vegetable butters and nourishing antioxidants. Greetings from the Farmers' Market, where the harvest is fresh and nutritious. Our Farmers' Market soap is a mix of fresh from the farm natural and certified organic ingredients to create rich, satisfying soaps that pamper your skin and feed your senses. Our unique blend of organic shea, blueberry and avocado butters nourish your skin by providing essential vitamins and antioxidants full of vital nutrients, while supplying naturally rich moisturizers. Your skin will be left clean and revitalized. Shea butter is a natural source of vitamins A, E & fatty acids. Blueberry butter is a natural source of antioxidants & vitamin C. Avocado butter is a natural source of vitamins A, B & E. Lemongrass Basil: enjoy the uplifting combination of lemongrass with hints of basil essential oils fresh picked just for you. Cruelty free. No artificial ingredients. Biodegradable. Organic ingredients are certified to the USDA NOP standard. Made in the USA.