Goody Ouchless Hairbrush

Goody ® Ouchless® Hairbrush. New. No tears for mommy or me! Tame your daughter's tangles with gentle & effective FlexGlide™ bristles. Gentle and effective: Goody ® Ouchless® brushes gently tame tangles, without painful pulling or snagging. They're part of the complete Ouchless accessories and styling collection designed to be single on your daughter's hair - and yours too! FlexGlide™ bristles are strong enough to get through messy hair but so gentle you won't feel snags and pulls. 74% of Moms experienced less snagging and pulling of daughter's hair when comparing to their normal brush*. Flexible cushion pad for more comfortable detangling. *Based upon user testing comparing the Ouchless brush to each user's typical brush. Contact consumer care at: Call 1-800-241-4324. © 2015.