Cisse Brownie Mix, Milk Chocolate Chip

Chewy. Fudgy. Addictive. All natural ingredients. Sourced with care. Includes dark & milk chocolate chips. Fair Trade certified ingredients. Made with organic fair trade cane sugar; premium milk & dark chocolate chips; organic fair trade cocoa powder. Peanut free. No GMOs. All natural. No artificial flavors, coloring or preservatives. No trans fat. No high fructose corn syrup. The story of Cisse's Cocoa from bean to box! 1. Our cocoa beans are grown at Fundopo, a Fair Trade certified cooperative in the Dominican Republic. 2. Our cocoa beans are then sent to Europe to be processed into powder & shipped to New Hope Mills where they become our yummy baking & hot cocoa mixes. 3. Our boxes are then delivered to your local grocery store. 4. Ready to be taken home. So you can mix them up, put them in the oven & pretend you made them from scratch! To find out more about the journey of the cocoa in this box, and write to our farmers in the D.R. visit Pleae recycle me! Made in the USA.