Canoe Wild Rice, Cooked

Already cooked to perfection! A cholesterol-free, fat-free, gluten-free food. Ready to eat. 100% wild rice - Cooked for your convenience. Perfect Results Every Time: Rigid quality control assures a consistent texture and flavor of the finest quality. No Waste: Guaranteed yield. Affordable Dining Elegance: Gourmet flavor & excellent eye appeal. Versatile. Serving Suggestions: Add to potatoes or white rice as a side dish. Add to your favorite recipes for: soups, casseroles, stir fry, stuffings, muffin & pancake mixes. Create great tasting: salads, appetizers, desserts. Microwavable. Nature's only natural cereal grain. Our love for wild rice began over 80 years ago after our grandfather, Peter Ratuski, immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine at a very young age, alone with only the clothes on his back and a loaf of bread under his arm. Peter's entrepreneurial endeavors in the grocery business allowed his introduction to the most valuable and sought after naturally grown cereal grain in North America, wild rice. Peter's youngest sons, Ben and Bill, faithfully and diligently carried on their father's legacy ensuring the sustainability of this unique family tradition for the third and fourth generations. Thank you for purchasing this can of Cooked Wild Rice, one of the most convenient in our Canoe family of products - carefully produced with our guarantee of superior quality. Please recycle. Salads. Soups. Burgers. Product of USA.