Contadina Roma Style Tomatoes Puree

Contadina Roma Style Tomatoes Puree. Non GMO‡. Non BPA‡‡. Net wt 15 oz (425g). Mamma Dina's Favorites™. Fettuccine with rosemary chicken & peppers. Prepare in 55 minutes. Serves 4 to 6. Look for recipe under the label. For more Contadina® Italian recipes, visit Contadina® picks the freshest tomatoes! Patience is what makes our Italian style tomatoes so full of rich, robust flavor. Our vine-ripened Roma style tomatoes are grown to a rich red color before picking, giving you tomatoes worthy of Mamma Dina's Favorites™ kitchen. Questions or comments Call 1-888-668-2847 (Mon-Fri). Please provide code information from the end of can when calling or writing. Please recycle. ‡ Ingredients of the types used in this product are not genetically modified. ‡‡ Packaging produced without the intentional addition of BPA. ©Contadina Foods, Inc.