Taylors Tea Sachets, Organic Chamomile

A soothing infusion of pure chamomile flowers. Caffeine free. Tea merchants since 1886. USDA organic. Soil association. Organic standard. Chamomile is appreciated by many for its comforting, soothing taste and delicate aroma. Since it is naturally caffeine free, it makes the ideal bedtime drink. We select organically grown chamomile for purity and flavor. Founded in 1886, we are an independent family business, dedicated to the pleasures of good tea and coffee. In every cup of our tea you can taste the skill, creativity and craftsmanship of our tea blenders. We visit tea estates personally to select only the finest seasonal hand-plucked tea. By investing in long-term partnerships and paying fair prices, we are able to make a positive difference to the quality of our teas and the lives of the growers. Certified organic by Soil Association Certification Ltd. Produce of More than One Country.