Essential Everyday Ground 1/2 Caff Medium Roast Classic Roast Coffee 10.8 oz

With about 1/2 the caffeine (Than our classic roast coffee). Traditionally roasted for full flavor taste. 1/2 Caff classic roast provides a smooth and balanced taste experience with about 1/2 the caffeine (Than our classic roast coffee). We traditionally roast our coffee in batches that take into account the natural variations in coffee beans. This allows us to produce coffee the time honored way, with no unnecessary steps. We believe the best tasting coffee is rich and full flavored - not complicated. With just one sip we know you will agree. Great products at a price you'll love - that's Essential Everyday. Our goal is to provide the products your family wants, at a substantial savings versus comparable brands. We’re so confident that you'll love Essential Everyday, we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 100% Quality Guaranteed: Like it or let us make it right. That’s our quality promise. 877-932-7948. Please recycle.