Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, Unflavored

Why Cold Brew? Cold brew coffee is the product of a craft coffee brewing method that results in a balanced and blended coffee-forward taste. No barista? No problem. Now, its easier than ever to enjoy delicious, rich and smooth cold brew coffee at home or in the office. Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew coffee packs take all of the to-do out of making this coffee house commodity. How To Cold Brew With Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew coffee packs, making a batch is simple. Steep two of the cold brew coffee packs in a 48 fl. oz. pitcher filled with four cups of cold, filtered water, covered, overnight (or 8-12 hours). Remove the coffee packs from the pitcher and discard. Add an additional three cups of cold, filtered water to the pitcher (or until the strength of the brew meets your preference). Pour, customize and enjoy.