GEVALIA Special Reserve Kenya Fine Ground Coffee

Gevalia Kenyan Single Origin Special Reserve Fine Ground Coffee, crafted in the Swedish tradition, fills your mug with rich, never-bitter coffee. 150 years of Swedish craftsmanship are brewed into this rich, medium bodied brew. Roasted on the light side of medium, this single origin coffee offers notes of delicate floral and deep berry undertones. Sourced exclusively from Kenya, this premium coffee is made with beans that are handpicked on small farms high on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and sun dried, resulting in a intensely flavored coffee with a lively acidity. Make the perfect cup in any drip brewer or try this fine grind in your pour-over brewer or moka pot. After opening, keep flavor fresh with our fold over tin tie resealable bag. Try Gevalia Special Reserve coffee and experience the taste of 150 years of Swedish tradition. With over 30 premium coffees, you are sure to find your perfect sip.