Gerber Banana Plum Grape 2nd Foods - 2 PK

Gerber® Banana Plum Grape 2nd Foods®. Non GMO. Not made with genetically engineered ingredients. 2 pack of 4 oz (113g). Net wt 8 oz (226g). No artificial flavors or colors. Packaging made with no BPA. The goodness inside: 2/3 banana. 1/3 plum. Hint of concord grape juice. Spoon feeding helps your baby coordinate his lips, tongue and cheeks, a big job for a new eater! Us only. Paper, sleeve. No multi--layer, no cup. All trademarks are owned by Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland or used with permission. Baby foods may be served at room temperature or warmed. You can feed your baby directly from each convenient tub. If one tub is too large for your baby, spoon out the desired portion into another dish for feeding and refrigerate the unused portion to enjoy later (within 2 days of opening). If you feed directly from the container, discard any unused portion. 1-800-4-GERBER. Spanish: 1-800-511-6862. Visit & meet Dorothy ©2017 Nestle.