Enfamil Enfalyte Oral Electrolyte Solution, Mixed Fruit

Rapidly replaces fluids and electrolytes (This product should be used only as directed by your infant's doctor. If vomiting or fever is present, or diarrhea continues beyond 24 hours, consult your doctor) to help restore hydration. Natural fruit flavor with other natural flavors. No artificial flavors; colors; sweeteners. Electrolytes: Sodium: 47 mEq per 32 fl oz; 5 mEq per 100 ml. Chloride: 43 mEq per 32 fl oz; 4.5 mEq per 100 ml. Potassium: 24 mEq per 32 fl oz; 2.5 mEq per 100 ml. Citrate: 31 mEq per 32 fl oz; 3.3 mEq per 100 ml. Note: Enfalyte Oral Electrolyte Solution contains 30 g of corn syrup solids per liter. Each 100 ml of Enfalyte supplies about 12.6 calories; each fl oz, 3.7 calories. If you have a question, we are here for you. Call us toll free: 1-800-Baby123, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Saturday, Central Time. Or visit Enfamil.com.