Orgain Organic Nutrition Protein Shake, Vanilla Bean Flavor

16 g protein. Gluten free. USDA Organic., Dairy free. Lactose free. Vegan., Certified organic by QAI. 21 Vitamins & minerals. Non-GMO. Vegan all-in-one. Plant based., What's Inside: Cleaner Ingredients: organic pea protein; organic fruits; organic veggies; organic chia seeds., Higher Standards: dairy free; soy free; gluten free; lactose free; non-GMO; vegan., Get Picky with Your Protein: As a young cancer patient, there were few products available that had the quality nutrition my body needed. Today, I am committed to providing you with better, cleaner and tastier choices. In good health, - Andrew Abraham, MD founder, doctor, and cancer survivor. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Please recycle.