Malt O Meal Golden Puffs

Sweetened Puffed Wheat Cereal. Good source of 11 vitamins & minerals. Great honey flavor! Pour Fresh. Resealable Pour Spout. How'd We Make Golden Puffs - Taste So Good? We toast wheat to perfection using our Crisp Crunch Technology, then frost it lightly for a touch of sweetness. So Nutritious? Golden Puffs are made with the goodness of 9 essential vitamins plus Iron. They are also naturally cholesterol and fat free. Stay Fresher Longer? Our Pour Fresh resealable packaging is quick and easy! It also keeps the cereal fresh longer than a box. Our bags are economical and create less waste! Cost Less than the Leading Box Cereal? Ounce for ounce, Malt-O-Meal cereals cost less than the leading box brands. We save by limiting packaging and advertising costs and focusing on quality. We pass those savings on to you! Malt-O-Meal Means More!