Kretschmar Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast Deli Meat

Kretschmar Premium Deli Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast offers a delicious smoky-sweet deli meat option that comes sliced and ready to eat. Our classic deli smoked turkey offers all the savory flavor you love, while still 99% fat free, so you don't have to choose between taste and lean protein. Fully cooked for ready-to-serve convenience, our low fat turkey breast delivers a hickory smoked flavor for a smoky-sweet twist on your favorite lunch meat. Fresh from the deli, our gluten free turkey breast comes sliced to a consistent thickness so it stacks easily on sandwiches along with bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado for an upgraded BLT. Roll it up in tortillas with cheese for party pinwheels, pair with American cheese for a quick school lunch, or layer with cheddar and apple slices for a grown-up version. Store our sliced deli turkey breast in the refrigerator for freshness and convenience.