Kill Cliff Endure Sports Drink, Orange Mist

Performance endurance blend. Slow-release carb fuel. Sustained endurance. Electrolytes. Drinks for warriors. Kill Cliff Endure vs Traditional sports drinks. Unlike traditional sugars, Palatinose (isomaltulose) is a low-glycemic, slow-release carb fuel that provides functional benefits. Full bottle consumption promotes sustained endurance and fat burning during exercise. Kill Cliff Endure is a specialized blend of slow-release carb fuel and electrolytes to support hydration and sustained endurance. Use during workouts to perform at your best! Kill Cliff Performance System: Before: ignite. During: endure. After: recover. Kill cliff performance drinks are designed to give warriors like you the edge to overcome any obstacle. Formulated to get you going, get you through, and get you back, our drinks help you operate at your best because quitting is not an option. Kill the quit. Naturally flavored. Reload at (hashtag)killcliff. (at)killcliff. Navy Seal Foundation official partner. Gluten free. Please recycle.