Little Green Sprout's Organics™ Riced Veggies Cauliflower 10 oz. Bag

4 g carbs per serving. Gluten Free; USDA Organic; Certified Organic by CCOF. 85% fewer calories than rice (85% fewer calories than the leading brand of prepared white rice. Little Green Sprouts Organics riced cauliflower contains 25 calories per 1 cup serving. Leading brand of prepared white rice contains 170 calories per 1 cup serving). No sauce or seasoning. New. 100% Vegetables. I may be little, but I deliver a lot of good! Little Green Sprout’s story: I'm a little Sprout on a pretty big mission-bringing you the best organic vegetables in a super convenient way. What I pick goes from farm-to-freezer, then to your table in a flash. Questions or comments? 1-800-754-3381. Patent and Patents Pending- For or recipes, visit us at