DEVOUR Sweet & Smoky Pork Grilled Cheese

DEVOUR Sweet & Smoky Pork Grilled Cheese dials up the taste, maxs out the flavor and turns up the texture in this easy to make single serve frozen meal. This scrumptious barbecue pork grilled cheese sandwich is sure to satisfy big appetites when youre craving hearty Southern cuisine. Weve stuffed this grilled cheese sandwich with tender, juicy pork strips and a couple diced jalapenos for a hint of heat. Dont forget the Monterey Jack and sharp cheddar cheese, melted til it oozes over the side. Finally, we add a slather of sweet and smoky sauce to push the flavor over the edge. All the delicious ingredients are captured between two thick hunks of perfectly crispy golden-brown bread. Ready to eat in minutes, it includes a crisping sleeve that ensures that your grilled cheese sandwich has the perfect amount of crunch. DEVOUR frozen foods make it easy to enjoy hot, mouthwatering food at home or in the break room, so be sure to keep your freezer stocked with deliciousness. Show your mouth a good time and enjoy a deliciously gooey sandwich.