Fairlife Milk 2% Chocolate Bottle, 52 fl oz

High quality 13 g protein per serving. Lactose free. Less 50% sugar than chocolate milk. 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk (4.5 g vs 8 g fat per serving). 2% reduced fat. Fairlite 2% chocolate: 13 g protein per serving; 12 g sugar per serving; 380 mg calcium per serving; No lactose per serving. Regular chocolate milk: 8 g protein per serving; 24 g sugar per serving; 280 mg calcium per serving; Yes lactose per serving. Chocolate almond milk (Compared to the leading brand of almond milk): 1 g protein per serving; 17 g sugar per serving; 451 mg calcium per serving. No lactose per serving. No artificial growth hormones (FDA states: no significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and not treated with rBST growth hormones). Contains 9 essential nutrients. Workout recovery by fairlife. Real. Soft filters concentrate our milk's goodness, like protein & calcium while filtering out half of the natural sugars. From farm to bottle, our system allows us to trace our milk back to the farms from which it came. We strive to deliver quality every step of the way. Sip, drink & chug ultra-filtered milk enjoy! Homogenized, Pasteurized. We don’t use rBST, but you deserve the whole story! Grade A. fairlife.com. Let’s chat! 855-LIVEFAIR. Learn more at fairlife.com. Try! Fueled Fairlife protein. Core power. High protein milk shake. Chocolate 26 g. Complete protein. Recycle me. Remove label for better recycling.