JUST CRACK AN EGG Just Crack an Egg Veggie Scramble Kit Breakfast Bowls

Ore-Idas Just Crack an EggVeggie Scramble breakfast bowl has everything youve been looking for in a new breakfast love two kinds of cheddar cheese, hearty potatoes, red peppers, onions, broccoli and mushrooms all you have to do is add a fresh egg! Better yet, youll be free to fall in love with your meat-free breakfast in less than two minutes. No matter what meal youre looking to prepare, Just Crack an Eggs Scramble Kit is there. After all, who doesnt love all day breakfast? Enjoy with your morning cup of coffee, indulge in the break room at work, or prep multiple dinners for the whole family. Just Crack an Egg is an easy, quick, and new way to savor eggs.