Columbus Charcuterie Sampler

Columbus® Charcuterie Sampler. Est. 1917. Craft meats. Calabrese: Zesty with red chili pepper. Genoa salame: Cracked black pepper and fresh garlic. Italian dry salame: Burgundy wine and a hint of garlic. Sopressata: Sweet fennel and chili pepper. No MSG. 0g Trans fat per serving. Gluten free. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture EST. 34313. Net Wt 12 oz (340 g). Pairing Guide. Calabrese: Cheese - Parmigiano Reggiano. Wine - Malbec or Syrah. Beer - Stout, Double IPA. Genoa Salame: Cheese - Fontina or Fresh Goat's Cheese. Wine - Rose or Sauvignon Blanc. Beer - Pilsner, Pale Ale. Italian Dry Salame: Cheese - Pecorino Romano. Wine - Pinot Noir. Beer - Pilsner, Pale Ale. Sopressata: Cheese - Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano. Wine - Pinot Grigio. Beer - Pilsner, Pale Ale. Questions or Comments Visit us at: