Classico Italian Style Dinner Kits Baked Ziti

Classico™ Italian Style Dinner Kits Baked Ziti. Includes marinara sauce, ziti pasta, & parmesan seasoning. Just add: Italian sausage. Mozzarella. Per 3 oz (Unprepared): 150 Calories. 1g Sat fat, 5% DV. 270mg Sodium, 11%DV. 4g Sugars. Net Wt 1 lb 3.8 oz (561 g). Inspired by the regions of Italy. Each region of Italy has its own unique culinary tradition. Naples, a region in southern Italy, is famous for "Pasta al Forno," commonly known as Baked Ziti. 1-888-337-2420. Please have package available. Visit us at