Carlo Rossi Founder's Blend White Zinfandel, California

Sweet & fruity. The Wine: Our fruit-forward white zinfandel is light-bodied and deliciously sweet. Delicate and light layers of ripe red berries and watermelon are accented with notes of fresh strawberry. A sweetly aromatic wine, flourishes a bouquet of fresh picked raspberries and cherries. Plus our vacuum-sealed box locks in these delightful flavors and keeps air out, so the last glass you enjoy will taste as delicious as the very first. For instructions on easiest opening, see bottom of box. The Winemaker: Nearly 50 years ago, Carlo Rossi Wines was founded on a commitment to both quality and value. Carlo himself could often be found inspecting the rows of grape clusters in the vineyards. And for decades we have delivered on his promise of crafting quality, fruit-forward wines at a good value. In honor of this tradition, Carlo Rossi Founders Blend is made with high quality grapes from the vines of sprawling vineyards. Our wines are perfectly complemented by soft hints of caramel and vanilla notes, making them extraordinarily smooth and flavorful. 6-2/3 x 750 ml = 5 lt = 34 x 5 oz servings. For questions or comments, please call 1-866-276-7745 or visit Alc. 8.0% by vol. Vinted & packed by Carlo Rossi Vineyards, Modesto, CA.