Russian River Valley, Sonoma County. The key to success? When Jim Nantz and Peter Deutsch met, they discovered they both found success by pursuing a calling in life. For Jim, that calling was to unlock the voice within, eventually calling the greatest sporting events of his generation. And for Peter, it was transforming a small family business into one of the most prestigious wine companies in the world. Inspired by their mentor fathers and guided by their common values, the two found a new calling: a partnership to produce hand-crafted wines that bear the standard of excellence and style that are the hallmarks of these two men. The Calling. Have you unlocked yours? We are proud to present this Chardonnay, made in the spirit of the most cherished ideals: craftsmanship, integrity, and excellence. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it. Cheers! - Peter Deutsch; Jim Nantz. Alc 14.1% by vol. Produced and bottled by Deutsch Nantz Alliance, Hopland, CA.