Belvedere Chardonnay, Sonoma County, Healdsburg Ranches, 2000

There is no single recipe for making delicious wine, only the energy between land and grape, and our winemakers vision to bring it from vine to bottle. Fragrant, fruit-filled, curvaceous, fun, with just the right delicacy of touch. The fruit of for this Chardonnay comes solely from vines surrounding the town of Healdsburg, Sonoma County, one of the oldest and most celebrated stars in California's viticultural history. Pear and peach fruit fill the glass, with tender wisps of vanilla, and a wink of flamboyant grapefruit. The aromas and flavors of blossom with some swirling, leaving the taste of lemon and sweet cream in your mouth. An aperitif, or an accompaniment to subtle fare - it wears well, it's never boring, it charms both the sophisticated and the carefree: a perfect wine friend.