Tyku Sake, Japanese, Super Premium

Junmai Ginjo. Tyku Junmai Ginjo is a super premium Japanese Sake produced at the famed Umenoyado Brewery located between the Katsuragi and Nijo Mountains in Nara, Japan. This Sake is crafted from a blend of Yamada Nishiki and Akebono rice Polished at 55%, soft pristine iron-free water, famed no. 9 yeast, and handmade koji. Perfectly balanced, full body with notes of peach and vanilla. Imported Japanese Sake. Gluten free. www.tykusake.com. SMV: +2; Acidity: 1.8; Amino Acid: 1.7. 15% alc/vol. Imported by & bottled in Rochester, NY for Tyku Sake, New York, NY. Produced in Nara, Japan.