Sutter Home Winery White Zinfandel, California, 2003

One box equals four bottles. Passionately pink and fun to drink. Perk up your next party or indulge yourself in a much-deserved reward with this juicy jewel in a box. Inside you'll find all the fruity watermelon and red berry aromas and flavors that make our White Zinfandel America's favorite wine. The bold box adds flare to your fridge. Plus the airtight container keeps 20 glasses of our famous pink drink fresh for up to 6 weeks after it's opened and kept refrigerated. So go ahead, be blushingly bold. Think inside the box to seduce your senses with deliciously pink wine that is full of flavorful fun. Think Pink for: Tonight's dinner, tomorrow's lunch, next week's brunch, a host or hostess gift, a bubble bath, phone call with an old friend, toasting with the girls, barbecue with the boys, party time, no reason except you feel like it. Alcohol 9.5% by volume.