Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Dairyman, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, 2016

The location of our Dairyman Vineyard in the alluvial deposits of the Russian River Valley epitomizes this world class winegrowing region. The heavy fog rolls in over the coastal range only to burn off as the sun reaches its apex. This element of cooling, paired with the deep loam soils, allows our Dijon clone Pinot Noir to ripen slowly to full maturity, creating rich yet bright cherry and cola notes in the resulting wine. Soil: Wright loam. Climate: Cool, fog and sunny. Elevation: 75-85 feet. Season (Bloom to Harvest): 5/19/16 to 10/6/16. Growing season avg. high temp: 74.8 degrees F daytime. French oak barrel aging: 9 months. Winemaker: Joseph J. Wagner. Alc 14.3% by vol. Produced & bottled by Belle Glos Wines, Rutherford, CA