Estate bottled. Clos Pegase assumes its name from the immortal Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek Mythology whose thundering hooves unleashed the mythical Spring of the Muses, giving rise to wine and art. Our Cabernet Sauvignon represents all of our estate vineyards. Composed of 97% Cabernet Sauvignon, with 69% from Palisades, 21% from Graveyard Hill and 7% from Applebone, it is blended with 2% Cabernet Franc from Mitsuko's Vineyard and 1% Cabernet Franc from Dunaweal Vineyard. Aged 18 months in 41% new French oak, this wine expresses our dedication to both the craft of winemaking and the unique terroir of our vineyards. Alc. 14.8% by vol.