We salute George Washington as the Independent Federalist. He never officially joined, but was a great supporter of the party. On Christmas night 1775, he led the Continental Army across the Delaware River surprising the British the next morning in a pivotal victory. George Washington, known as the Father of our country, was noted for generous spirit, bequeathing a prized wine cooler to Alexander Hamilton. Our 1776 Lodi Zinfandel, generous and giving with flavors of blackberry and plum, is an homage to a great individual who was generally sympathetic to the Federalist Party. Located directly east of San Francisco in the Sacramento River delta, the Lodi appellation is one of California's oldest grape growing regions. Zinfandel thrives in the moderate Mediterranean climate, allowing the grapes to retain their natural acidity, and in the fertile deep fine sandy loam well-drained soils. Federalistwines.com. 14.9% alc./vol. Cellared and bottled by 2Sons Winery, Rutherford, CA.