Candor Zinfandel, Lodi

Lot 6. Candor makes wines that exhibit classic varietal flavor, can be consumed young, and can still gain complexity with age. Here's how: Zinfandel should display bright, juicy fruit flavors and finish with a signature spicy zing. By blending wines from multiple vintages, Candor gains more complexity, shows plenty of youthful vibrancy, and has the backbone to mature gracefully. Working with experienced family farmers in proven Zinfandel regions allows us to highlight the best qualities of the varietal. We get a classic California Zinfandel, with moderate alcohol and impeccable balance. - Austin Hope. Candor wine. Zinfandel defined. Alc. 14.5% by vol. Produced & bottled by Candor Winery, Paso Robles, CA.