Bacardi Gran Reserva Rum Maestro

Bacardi® Gran Reserva Rum Maestro. Est 1862. De Ron. 750 ml. Crafted by Maestros: Gran Maestro manuel jorge cutillas collaborated with our Maestros De Ron Bacardi to craft this premium white rum using a double aging process, where rums aged for at least one year are blended together and returned to white oak barrels for a further three months to develop a smoother taste. Expertly crafted by Maestros De Ron Bacardi. Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro De Ron has been expertly crafted using white oak barrels, to create a light tasting rum with soft toasted oak notes and a superbly smooth taste. We remember prohibition. In 1919, The U.S. Banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol. However, the Bacardi family had some ideas of their own: They invited Americans to fly to Cuba for their famous parties. Enjoy responsibly. Consumer information Call: 1-800-BACARDI. Visit: