Benedictine Liqueur 375mL

The master herbalist carefully selects, measures out & elaborates 4 secret preparations of different plants & spices. Each preparation is treatedseparately, either infused, distilled or doubledistilled, in the same copper stills dating back to the time of Alexandre Le Grand to become an alcoholate. Blended together, these 4 spirits will be left to rest in casks for 8 months to achieve the perfect balance.The next step is the addition of honey & the carefully prepared saffron infusion, before heating the mixture at 55deg celsius & leaving it to age in oak barrels for another 4 months to allow the alchemy to do its work. When the final composition has at last reached maturity, BENEDICTINE is born. Made with 27 spices from around the globe 1510: the birth of a secret elixir 80 Proof