Bushmills Malt Single Irish Malt Whiskey, Madeira Finish

From the world's finest distillery. Original grant to distil - 1608. Aged 21 years. Matured in three woods. Finished in Madeira Wooden Casks. Bottled in year 2006. County Antrim. Savour this truly rare Single Irish Malt whiskey. A combination of ageing in sherry and bourbon casks, and finishing in Madeira Drums has resulted in a 21 year-old whiskey that interweaves rich fruit perfume and spiciness, aromatic maltiness, and subtle nutty toasted raisin notes. All in all, a stunning complexity on the palate and a proud expression of Malt distilling from the centuries old Bushmills Distillery. Distilled, matured & bottled in Ireland.