Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Triple Distilled

Original grant to distil 1608 anniversary edition. 400th anniversary of the original grant to distil. On the 20th April 1608, a license was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips to make, draw and distil Uisce Beatha within the territory called the rowte in county Antrim. This original grant to distil is the front official written evidence of whiskey-making in the Bushmills area. It was a fitting tribute to the reputation that this small and remote region of Ireland had earned for the quality of its water of life - or what would later be called whiskey. Four hundred years later, this royal license speaks of a place where the knowledge of how to create, craft and perfect whiskey has been passed down through generations to become part of the fabric of life - a place where this unique distilling tradition still lives on today, at the old Bushmills distillery. 46% Alc/Vol. Product of Ireland.