Samuel Adams Boston Lager - 12 CT

Samuel Adams® Boston Lager®. Freshness matters enjoy before. Proudly brewed & bottled by The Boston Beer Company. Rich, balanced & complex. Welcome to the other American revolution. Begun by a few small independent brewers, this revolution continues today. It's good to be independent. Enjoy this distinctive balance of spicy, complex hops and slightly sweet roasted malts. The unmistakable character of this brew began as our original and became an American original. Cheers! Color: Deep Amber. Abv: 4.9%. IBU: 30. 12-12 oz. bottles. This corrugated fibreboard has an edge crush test of not less than 32#. International paper. Savor the Flavor Responsibly®. For information about this special beer write: The Boston Beer Company, The Brewery, 30 Germania Street, Boston, MA. 02130. 888-661-2337 or visit our website at Visit the Samuel Adams® Boston Brewery. For tour times & information call 888-661-2337. ©2012 The Boston Beer Company, Boston, MA.